20th International Symposium on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics
10th - 14th Sep. 2023
Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel, Kyoto, JAPAN

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Invited Speakers
International Scientific Committee has selected the following invited speakers.

Akazaki Lecture
George Vayakis ITER Laser diagnostics for Fusion Device

20th Anniversary Honorary Talk
Katsunori Muraoka Professor Emeritus of Kyushu University History of LAPD and review of laser diagnostics for low temperature plasma
Tony Donné EUROfusion Review of laser diagnostics in high temperature plasma

General Lectures
Arthur Dogariu Princeton U Ultrafast advanced diagnostics for gases and plasmas
Shurik Yatom PPPL Diagnostics of plasma-liquids systems: challenges and their mitigation
Daniel Korneev ELVA-1 company Microwave source/detector developments for plasma diagnostic
Stefano Coda EPFL Tangential viewing phase contrast imaging for turbulence measurements
Hakaru Mizoguchi Gigaphoton Inc./Kyushu University Past experiences in optical lithography, the present national project on EUVL, and future plans beyond EUVL, along with optical/laser-aided diagnostics for each performance improvement
Jacob Brunner IPP- Greifswald Laser aided diagnostics for the next campaing of W7-X
Uwe Czarnetzki Ruhr University Bochum Laser Spectroscopy on Low-Temperature Plasmas: Where are we going?
Tsuyohito Ito University of Tokyo Electric-field-induced coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering in visible region for sensitive measurements in near-atmospheric-pressure environment
Peter Bruggeman University of Minnesota Diagnostics of atmospheric pressure plasmas: recent progress and challenges

Topical Lectures
Earl Scime West Virginia University Thomson Scattering Measurements of Electron Velocity Distribution Functions during Magnetic Reconnection in PHASMA
Hazel Lowe Tokamak Energy First Thomson scattering data for ST40
Daniel den Hartog University of Wisconsin-Madison Next steps in high-repetition rate laser development for Thomson scattering
Yuki Inada Saitama University 1D distribution measurement of electric field in streamer discharge by EFISH
Wonho Choe KAIST, S. Korea LIF measurements for Hall thrusters
Elijah Jans Ohio State University, now at Sandia, USA Cavity ringdown spectroscopy in ns pulsed discharges
Hui Lian ASIPP&UCLA Development of a Combined Polarimeter-interferometer system for Non-Inductive Plasma Position Measurement in Long Pulse discharges on EAST
Eiichi Yatsuka QST - Naka Dual-laser self-calibrating Thomson scattering experiments in LHD
Chi-Shung Yip ASIPP Recent development of LIF diagnostics in ASIPP
Dirk Luggenholscher Ruhr University Bochum Time resolved CO2 ro-vibrational excitation in a nanosecond discharge measured with laser absorption spectroscopy
Ibrahim Sadiek Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP) Mid-infrared frequency comb spectroscopy of plasmas

Local Organizing Committee / National Institute for Fusion Science