20th International Symposium on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics
10th - 14th Sep. 2023
Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel, Kyoto, JAPAN

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Program Timetable

Poster Session #1, --- Poster Session #2

Tuesday 12th September, 2023

Poster Session #2

900 (width) mm x 2100 (height) mm is size of the poster board. Smaller size of this board is O.K.
A0 (841 (width) mm x 1189 (height) mm) portrait will fit.

17:40 - 19:40   Poster Session #2   (Poster room 'Gion') ------------------------------------------------------------------
pre-poster start time
--- P2-1 -- 16:30 -- Physical design, fabrication and output power optimization of a 2.5 thz CH3OH laser
X. Li
The poster by S. Bong has been changed to P1-33
P2-2 16:32 Preliminary Results Of A Combined Interferometer Using 340 GHz Solid State Source And A HCN Laser On ENN's XuanLong-50 (EXL-50)
J. Xie
The poster by H. Lee has been changed to P1-34
P2-3 16:34 Progress Of CO2 Dispersion Interferometer on EAST
Y.Y. Liu
The poster by Y. Kishimoto has been changed to P1-32
P2-4 16:36 The poster by K. Roh has been changed to P1-35
P2-5 16:38 Measurement of the Voltage Evolution on a Load of X-pinch Plasma System Using the Pockels Effect
S. Choi
P2-6 16:40 Development of 2D Thomson Scattering Measurement System Using Multiple Reflections and Time-of-Flight of Laser Light
S. Kamiya
P2-7 16:42 Design and Analysis of Divertor Thomson Laser Beam Dump for KSTAR
H. Kim
P2-8 16:44 Investigation of Thomson Scattering Measurement System for Long-Duration Discharges with a hot wall on the QUEST Spherical Tokamak
K. Kono
P2-9 16:46 cancelled
P2-10 16:48 New Polychromator System Design For KSTAR Thomson Scattering
J.-h. Lee
P2-11 16:50 Electron Cyclotron Heating/Diagnostics via Microwave Optical Vortex
S. Kubo
P2-12 16:52 Topological Charge and Phase Gradient Measurement for Optical Vortex Beams by Modifying Peripheral Region of Forked Grating on Spatial Light Modulator
S. Yoshimura
P2-13 16:54 Optimization of the Collection Optics System for KSTAR Divertor Thomson Scattering Diagnostic
G.H. Park
P2-14 16:56 Development of dual-path multi-pass Thomson scattering system in GAMMA 10/PDX
M. Yoshikawa
P2-15 16:58 Absolute value measurement of ion-scale turbulence by 2D-PCI in LHD
T. Kinoshita
P2-16 17:00 Development of Sweeping Detector Phase Contrast Imaging in LHD
H. Sakai
P2-17 17:02 Design Of An Ultrahigh-bandwidth Phase Contrast Imaging System For Fusion Grade Devices
A. Marinoni
P2-18 17:04 Optimization of HCN laser interferometer power automatic control system on EAST Tokamak
J.B. Zhang
N. Zhang
P2-20 17:08 Cotton-Mouton Effect Polarimetry on EAST Tokamak
M.Y. Shen
P2-21 17:10 Active Correction of Window Faraday Effects for ITER Laser Diagnostics
C. Watts
P2-22 17:12 Design Scheme of Line Array Detection for Polarimeter-interferometer System on EAST
H.H. Yan
P2-23 17:14 cancelled
P2-24 17:16 Improvement Of Time Resolution In Optical Vortex Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Using Quadrant Photodiodes
H. Minagawa
P2-25 17:18 High-Sensitivity Lamp Dip Spectroscopy with Frequency Modulation Technique
S. Nishiyama
P2-26 17:20 Investigation of Molecular-Impurity Decomposition in High-Pressure Low-Temperature Plasmas Using Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
K. Urabe
P2-27 17:22 Simulation of Doppler-Free Spectra Using the Collisional Radiative Model
J.J. Simons
P2-28 17:24 Magnetic field stabilized atmospheric pressure plasma: Diagnosis of gas temperature and its effect on nitrogen fixation
Z. Li
P2-29 17:26 Laser Thomson Scattering Measurements around Magnetized Model in Rarefied Argon Arc-jet Plume
H. Katsurayama
P2-30 17:28 Laser Thomson Scattering System for Anisotropic Electron Temperature Measurement in NUMBER
A. Okamoto
P2-31 17:30 Improving Pulsed Laser Induced Fluorescence Signal-to-Noise Through Matched Filter Signal Processing
T.J. Gilbert
P2-32 17:32 TALIF and CARS Diagnostics for Measuring Atomic and Molecular Hydrogen Densities in Divertor-relevant Plasmas
K. Schutjes

Local Organizing Committee / National Institute for Fusion Science