20th International Symposium on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics
10th - 14th Sep. 2023
Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel, Kyoto, JAPAN

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Program Timetable

Akazaki Lecture and 20th Anniversary Honory Talks
General Talks
Topical Talks
Oral Talks
Poster session #1, --- Poster session #2,

Topical Talks
--- T1 -- 11th Sep. (Mon.) -- Multi-Dimensional Incoherent Thomson Scattering System in PHAse Space MApping (PHASMA) Facility
11:25 - 11:50 E. Scime
T2 11th Sep. (Mon.) 1D Distribution Measurement of Electric Field in Streamer Discharge by E-FISH
14:00 - 14:25 Y. Inada
T3 11th Sep. (Mon.) Ro-vibrational excitation of CO2 measured by quantum cascade laser absorption in a nanosecond pulsed discharge
14:25 - 14:50 D. Luggenhölscher
T4 11th Sep. (Mon.) Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy In Ns Pulsed Discharges
14:50 - 15:15 E.R. Jans
T5 12th Sep. (Tue.) Next steps in high-repetition-rate laser development for Thomson scattering
9:10 - 9:35 D.J. Den Hartog
T6 12th Sep. (Tue.) Experimental study on in-situ calibration of spectral transmission of Thomson scattering in harsh environments
9:35 - 10:00 E. Yatsuka
T7 12th Sep. (Tue.) Laser induced florescence spectroscopy for Hall thruster plasma diagnostics
11:10 - 11:35 W. Choe
T8 12th Sep. (Tue.) Recent development of LIF diagnostics in ASIPP
11:35 - 12:00 C-S. Yip
T9 12th Sep. (Tue.) Development of a Combined Polarimeter-interferometer system for Non-Inductive Plasma Position Measurement in Long Pulse discharges on EAST
14:40 - 15:05 H. Lian
T10 14th Sep. (Thu.) Mid-infrared frequency comb spectroscopy of plasmas
9:10 - 9:35 I. Sadiek
T11 14th Sep. (Thu.) First Measurements of Electron Temperature and Density Profiles Using Thomson Scattering on the ST40 Spherical Tokamak
10:20 - 10:45 H.F. Lowe

Local Organizing Committee / National Institute for Fusion Science