20th International Symposium on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics
10th - 14th Sep. 2023
Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel, Kyoto, JAPAN

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Program Timetable

Poster Session #1, --- Poster Session #2

Monday 11th September, 2023

Poster Session #1

900 (width) mm x 2100 (height) mm is size of the poster board. Smaller size of this board is O.K.
A0 (841 (width) mm x 1189 (height) mm) portrait will fit.

17:40 - 19:40   Poster Session #1   (Poster room 'Gion') ------------------------------------------------------------------
pre-poster start time
--- P1-1 -- 16:30 -- Development of a Collective Thomson Scattering Diagnostic System on SNU X-pinch device
J. Lee
P1-2 16:32 Quantifying Uncertainties for a Coherent Thomson Scattering System with Bayesian Sensitivity Analyses on the Synthetic Data on X-pinch Plasmas
Y.S. You
P1-3 16:34 Development of correlation ECE system for electron temperature fluctuation measurement in LHD
M. Gong
P1-4 16:36 The Co-located arrangement of microwave imaging diagnostics on EAST tokamak
J.L. Xie
P1-5 16:38 The poster by X. Li has been changed to P2-1
P1-6 16:40 The poster by J. Xie has been changed to P2-2
P1-7 16:42 Simulation of fringe normalization for analyzing phase shift in plasma diagnostic using laser interferometry
S. Lee
P1-8 16:44 Operation of the upgraded single crystal dispersion interferometer (SCDI-U) and its measurements in KSTAR during abrupt and large density changes
D.-G. Lee
P1-9 16:46 The poster by Y.Y. Liu has been changed to P2-3
P1-10 16:48 Application of Multichannel Doppler Reflectometer for Fluctuation Measurements in GAMMA 10/PDX Anchor Heating Experiment
J. Kohagura
P1-11 16:50 Highlighted studies of turbulence, flow shear and mode structure in MAST-U using UCLA Doppler Back-scattering system
C. Michael
P1-12 16:52 First Data and Preliminary Experimental Results From a New Doppler Backscattering System on the MAST-U Spherical Tokamak
P. Shi
P1-13 16:54 Stray light suppression for Thomson scattering diagnostic on linear magnetized plasma device
Z. Lin
P1-14 16:56 The optical design of a vertical Thomson scattering system on SUNIST-2
C. Liu
P1-15 16:58 Performance of JT-60SA Thomson scattering data analysis system
M. Akimitsu
P1-16 17:00 Twin synthetic diagnostic for the design and exploitation of the WEST high-resolution Thomson Scattering diagnostic.
M. Carole
G. Colledani
P1-18 17:04 Polarimetric Thomson scattering to reduce Te and ne measurement uncertainty in high performance ITER operating regimes
D.J. Den Hartog
P1-19 17:06 Analysis of Dual Laser Thomson scattering signals on W7-X
F.A. D'Isa
P1-20 17:08 Improvement of signal-to-noise ratio in Thomson scattering diagnostics by an accumulation of 100 laser pulses within 5 milliseconds
H. Funaba
P1-21 17:10 Development of a LIDAR Thomson Scattering Diagnostic For DTT
L. Giudicotti
P1-22 17:12 Development and first results of the edge Thomson scattering diagnostic with compact polychromators on the HL-2M Tokamak
S.B. Gong
P1-23 17:14 Cavity Ringdown Lamb Dip Spectroscopy at Balmer Alpha Line of Atomic Hydrogen for Measuring Electric Field in Plasma
K. Sasaki
P1-24 17:16 Development of Ghost Imaging Absorption Spectroscopy
M. Aramaki
P1-25 17:18 Nonlinear Effect of Gas Flow on Helium Metastable Atoms in Weakly Ionized Gas Jet
H. Cho
P1-26 17:20 Design and Functional Testing of Cesium Atomic Concentration Detection System Based on TDLAS
LZ. Liang
P1-27 17:22 Comparative study of detached H/D plasmas using laser Thomson scattering and spectroscopy in the linear plasma divertor simulator NAGDIS-II
J. Shi
P1-28 17:24 Studies of Laser-produced Multi-ionized Plasmas for Soft X-ray and EUV Light Sources using Collective Thomson Scattering
K. Tomita
P1-29 17:26 Development of the Thomson scattering measurement system for cascade arc device with indirectly heated hollow cathode
K. Yamasaki
P1-30 17:28 cancelled
P1-31 17:30 Electric Field Measurements in N2:CO2 Ns-APPJ by E-FISH Technique
N.D. Lepikhin
P1-32 17:32 Exploring high energy density plasmas sustained over inertia time by the interaction between high intensity laser and structured medium
Y. Kishimoto
P1-33 17:34 Interferogram Analysis of X-pinch Plasmas Using Lens-pair Configuration and Synthetic Dark-field Schlieren Image
S. Bong
P1-34 17:36 Dense Plasma Diagnostics with a Nomarski Interferometer Using a Frequency-tripled Ti:sapphire Laser
H. Lee
P1-35 17:38 Diagnostics of a Laser-Produced Plasma With High Density-Gradient Using a Double-Grating Differential Interferometer
K. Roh

Local Organizing Committee / National Institute for Fusion Science